Ann Arbor, Michigan

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We are constantly updating our list of speakers as more and more activists, medical professionals, legal council, authors and politicians become involved.
Current list of speakers for Ann Arbor, Michigan


“The Wild Cards” Band – Live Music10:00am – 11:10am


Joseph Sikora  (Website) – 11:10am – 11:15am

(Truth Train Radio, M.C.) – Opening Remarks


Rosana Salamey- 11:15am – 11:20am

(M. ED., MI Team Leader; Special Ed Child Find Coordinator) – “The Calling” By: Holley Wages


Jeff Jones (Website) – 11:25am – 11:35am

(Candidate for U.S. Congress) – Ethical Truth


Dr. Sue McCreadie (Website) – 11:40am – 11:50am

(M.D.; Holistic Pediatrician) – Children’s Health is Balance


Becky Higginbotham – 11:55am – 12:05pm

(Health/Wellness Advocate) – Personal Story, Vaccine Injury/Healing


Thom & Candice Bradstreet – 12:10pm – 12:25pm

(Brother of the late Dr. Jeff Bradstreet) – Vaccines/Glysophate


Heidi Scheer (Website) – 12:30pm – 12:45pm

(Conference Host & International Ambassador for the Autism Hope Alliance, Author, Event Coordinator for Team TMR) – Our Biomedical Journey to Recovery


Cheryl Geraty – 12:50pm – 1:00pm

(Owner of Cultured Lifestyles) – Importance of a Healthy Gut/Incorporating Cultured Foods


Dr. Christian Bogner (Website) – 1:05pm – 1:20pm

(M.D., OB/GYN) – Cannabis & Autism


Dr. Jeff Senechal (Website) – 1:25pm – 1:35pm

(D.C.; Certified Functional Medical Practitioner) – Raising Healthy Children Despite your Pediatrician


Dr. Randy Tent (Website) – 1:40pm – 1:55pm

(D.C., N.D., Ph.D, Diverse Health Services) – 35 Years of Experience


 “The Wild Cards” Band & Joseph Sikora – 1:55pm – 2:00pm

  “Save the Babies” Sing-A-Long Song



Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites 2455 Carpenter Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Children’s March For Humanity

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