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August Owens

Posted on Posted in Montgomery Alabama


August Owens is from Birmingham, AL. She is the mother of two beautiful children…soon to be three; Sawyer (age 3), Emery (just had her first birthday in Heaven), and a third baby due this year. Emery, who was born prematurely, was two months 3 weeks (2 months adjusted) when she received the Hep B, DTaP, Hib, IPV, PCV 13, and the Rotovirus (oral) vaccines. For days she was inconsolable, and barely eating. I called her doctor and they told me to try changing her formula. That didn’t help. We couldn’t put her down without her screaming. We knew something was wrong. We called the pediatrician three more times that week and we were told her symptoms were normal. Our concerns were completley dismissed. Emery passed away on June 28th.