Christina Hildebrand (A Voice For Choice)

Posted on Posted in Washington D.C.

Christina Hildebrand is the founder and President of A Voice for Choice, Inc. and A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc. She is a market researcher with a degree in Statistics and modeling. Christina owns a Market Research firm which conducts research for many Silicon Valley companies. She also owns a Weston A Price based food delivery service in the San Francisco Bay area. Over the past 12 years she has conducted over 10,000 hours of research on vaccines, including consulting with many leading vaccine researchers, in a quest to understand the reality rather than the hype of vaccines. Christina had the idea for A Voice for Choice – the need for an organization that educated and advocate for transparency and informed choice of what goes into our bodies – quite a few years ago, but did not have the time to start it, given her two other businesses. However, in 2015, in response to SB277 (the school vaccine mandate law in California), Christina felt that she needed to put the non-profit onto paper and founded A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc. This allowed the non-profit to hire a lobbyist in Sacramento, with whom Christina spent every MondayWednesday during the legislative session with lobbying against SB277 and SB792 (the child care employee vaccine mandate bill), and learning how to lobby effectively. Christina then recognized in order to further her mission of ensuring all have informed choice and transparency in what goes into their body, she needed to found a tax-exempt non-profit in order to effectively educate and fundraise for those education purposes, founding A Voice for Choice.