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CMFH Workbook is now available. The main goal we aspire with Children’s March For Humanity is to inspire curiosity in the hearts of thousands nationwide.

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By hopefully gaining many newcomers beginning their researching journey, we have developed a "Guided Research Workbook" to provide for free. The workbook will be divided into six main categories. Glyphosate; GMOs; Mercury; Environmental Factors; Vaccines and Healing. Each category will offer questions one may ask oneself with space below to record notes on a printed copy. In the e-book, links to the back of the book will be provided after each question. At the end of the book, a table with links to resources cross-referenced by question number will be available for participants to explore the answers to the questions posed under the different categories. The belief behind the design of the book is that those who put in the work to find the answers, come to a powerful truth differently than if effortlessly offered the information. Purposely, we will not offer answers to the questions, just resources for research opportunities. We are in the final stages of editing it into an e-book and will have a link to the download available to all participants by June 17th. We plan to give out business cards detailing instructions to the link and download for all cities as well as promoting the book for free through social media. If participants prefer a printed copy, they will be able to order one for a minimal fee to cover printing costs. We are offering you an an opportunity to share your story, dedication, or your business's products/services/organization in the back of this workbook for an affordable donation. All funds raised by the ad campaign will be directly allocated to the costs associated with the 26 city event.

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve the community through “Children’s March For Humanity”.  To fulfill the purpose of this event, we cordially invite you to partner with us as a donor or sponsor.  By partnering with us as a sponsor, we are thrilled to provide you several marketing benefits.  Please see the Fundraising Tiers below for more information on the various opportunities.

All funds collected are transparently allocated to expenses directly related to the multiple marches throughout the nation.  “Children’s March For Humanity” is in the process of establishing itself as a non-profit and It is our understanding your receipt may be filed as a tax deduction for the following tax season.  If there are funds remaining after June 17th, 50% will be allocated as the foundation for CMFH  in order to serve long term and sponsor events annually.  The remaining 50% will be immediately donated to the top 2 charities/organizations identified by donors via survey, which align with the values of the group.  We greatly appreciate your time, attention, and support!

Tier 1 $125
  • Goody Bag(coupons and/or marketing materials)
  • 1 Raffle Item
Tier 2 $250
  • Goody Bag(coupons and/or marketing materials)
  • 2 Raffle Items
  • Logo Representation on Local Flyer
  • Table Representation(first come, first serve until all tables are filled)
Tier 3 $1000
  • Goody Bag(coupons and/or marketing materials nationwide)
  • Raffle Items for as many locations as desired
  • Logo on National Flyer and on CMFH Website
  • Logo on National T-Shirt
  • Table Representation for City of Choice and/or Representation for Multiple Cities
  • If over $1000, will receive 1/4 page advertisement in "Beginner's Guide To Research" Workbook, which will be dispersed nationwide

Fundraising Details at Children's March For Humanity

The Details

To donate, please go to the donate section above and utilize the donate button for ease of transaction.

Fundraising Tiers were created for those who prefer a suggested dollar amount when giving as a sponsor (table representation benefits are limited, depending on city).  Of course, we greatly appreciate any dollar amount offered and encourage all donors to give what is led by the heart.

To submit a sponsorship, please complete the following 2 steps:

  1. Fill out the Sponsorship Form Here 
  2. Complete the secure transaction and upload your high resolution logo through the sponsorship form.

We will confirm the completion of your sponsorship via email and request any additional information needed within 3-5 business days of your submission.

Please contact us with all questions and needed additional information. Thank you!

Thank You from Children's March For Humanity

Thank You

Thank you so much for each and every dollar given to Children’s March For Humanity!  Your generosity goes directly to spreading awareness to the masses so we may come together as a large voice for parental rights to ensure the improved health of our future.


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