Jeff Jones

Posted on Posted in Ann Arbor Michigan

Jeff Jones is Michigan Grown with the “Heartbeat of America”, bringing life and light like a Renaissance where ever he goes. Residing in Taylor, he is married with 11 children and 9 grandchildren, with a long history of successes. He published his first book, “Normal Is Broken”, two years ago while a candidate for the U. S. Senate, and was the host of “Ethical Truth”, an hour long weekly radio program in Detroit. He is a keynote speaker and nationally recognized for his work in financial services and coining the program called, “Life Targeting”. He also authored, “The Kingdom Within The Educational Support System”, an approach to maximizing your core characteristics and greatest attributes, freedoms, and victories. This program has inspired many to repair relationships, excel in personal accomplishments and careers, revitalize outreach projects globally, and bring stability and direction to those who are structuring a vision. Jeff decided to retire his ten year financial career in 2012, when his special needs daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. He resigned and committed time to his daughter, wife, and family through this crisis. Before his daughter’s demise, he created a foundation for the awareness of educating families of chemotherapy protocols, alternative revitalization, patient advocacies, and defining parental rights. He says his two highest convictions are to “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “The love of money is the root of all evil!”