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My Vaccine Experience/Story: As a nurse, I had been taught vaccines were blessings.  I had never been taught anything negative except being told everything has a side effect, and they were very unlikely.  I travel a lot due to work, and flew from Kentucky to Washington with a newborn baby girl.  As a new mom, and a nursing student told that vaccines were great, I set up her 2 month vaccines.  My perfect child went from sleeping all night and smiling constantly to barely sleeping and grumpy.  I thought this was a common side effect to vaccines because I assumed it made her experience similar symptoms of what she was vaccinated with.  I raised an eyebrow, but did not bother looking severe adverse reactions or their percentages/rates.  I then had to travel from Seattle to Savannah, Georgia because of work when my daughter turned 4 months old.  This move caused her a delay in her vaccinations.  It wasn’t until we found a house and became established when she was 6 months old that we could get another appointment for vaccines.  The doctor was not pleased that we were behind and she had not received her 4 month vaccines.  We set up a catch up schedule and administered her 4 month vaccines at 6 months.  This is when my eyes were opened and my daughter had been assisted walking/standing.  She held 106 degree fever for a week that would drop down to 104 on motrin/tylenol.  The after hours nurse advice line said she would be fine and not to worry about E.R. unless she stopped taking in fluids completely, didn’t soil her diapers, or had seizures from her fevers.  Her fever, however, didn’t subside until a week later.  During this week, her leg knotted up at the vaccination site.  It turned black, and swelled up down her leg into her knee.  She couldn’t walk and was in pain.  She couldn’t sleep because if she tried, she’d roll ad touch the vaccination injection site and cry in pain.  I had no idea a vaccine could cause a leg to swell, go black or a week-long fever.  It took 3 months for her leg to go back to normal and her ability to stand came once the knot subsided.  I had been doing my research ever since this reaction.  I realized that she had a severe adverse reaction and that I should have taken her to the E.R. and I should have reported this to VAERS or the nurse advice line I called should have reported it.  Nothing was done, and I knew nothing of this new world I had entered.  I knew for sure, I did not want her getting another vaccine unless it was guaranteed she’d not react that way again… or at least find the root cause to the severe reaction and avoid it entirely.  3 months later she was 9 months old.  She hadn’t had her 6 month or 9 month vaccines, which meant she was not up to date on her vaccine schedule.  She fell ill with a common cold, and was having difficulty breathing.  I made an appointment for her to be seen and make sure she was okay.  The doctors office asked me immediately if she was up to date on vaccines.  I told them no she was not, and they asked for me to please leave their waiting room as my daughter was causing other kids in the room to be at risk for illness. This confused me… considering, my daughter was ill and it was in no way her fault that she was on a delayed vaccine schedule.  If anything, those in the room were causing her to be at risk as my research had taught me vaccines cause you to shed the illness you are vaccinated from for days or even weeks to months after receiving them.  Baffled, I asked them if it was legal or how they could even sleep at night turning a sick child away from care!  They told me not to return until she was up to date on her vaccines.  I asked how she could be given a vaccine when she is currently ill, there was no way to even fulfill their request in the current situation if I even wanted to vaccinate her on the spot.  I knew as a nurse if you were sick, you were not to receive a vaccine… as you could fall even more ill from your immunity already being low.  I took her to E.R. and luckily… E.R. was willing to see my 9 month old daughter to treat her cold symptoms.  Their reaction just created red flags and danger signs and gut feelings that something was very wrong in the vaccine industry.  My daughter since her 4 month shots at 6 months old, began having food allergies and skin problems.  Something that had not been an issue ever before until after the fact.  I now wonder if my choice to vaccinate my daughter at 2 months and 4 months are the cause of these issues.  I am not anti-vaccinations.  I am not anti-vaccination injury.  I still realize the benefits of vaccines, but I do not agree with the ingredients as I have learned over time and research why severe adverse reactions occur.  I believe that we can continue to help the human race fight diseases and illness but in a healthier route.  We need a place that actually wants to help make a better tomorrow, not an ill tomorrow.  We need to educate.  We need to fix what is broken.