Joseph A. Sikora

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will be the M.C. for our Ann Arbor rally. Joseph’s
sister, Lauren Sikora, had a normal and healthy birth on April 4th 1984, but after her DPT shot she went into a 15 minute long Grand Mal seizure and currently has Cerebral Palsy,  Epilepsy, and Autism following the shot of DTP that she received at 6 months. Lauren has inspired Joseph to raise awareness on vaccines and their dangers. Joseph is a member of IBEW local 252 Ann Arbor and UAW local 600 Dearborn. He began a radio show with an old friend Tony Schwartz on Freedom Worx Cave Radio Broadcasting,  then got his own show on January 2016 named TRUTH TRAIN RADIO, where he tells the stories of crippled and murdered babies from chemical poisoningcontained in vaccines and how that injury occurs.
He is passionate about raising awareness to save babies from these dangers. He believes that
LOVE always WINS,
Humanity will prevail, and that we are all in this together.