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Mary Tocco-Hovind

Posted on Posted in Montgomery Alabama


Mary Tocco-Hovind has been independently investigating vaccines for over 38 years, is an expert on the known dangers, and had been educating people since 1994, fueling the “VACCINE EDUCATION REVOLUTION”. She’s a public speaker, the mother of 5 grown adult unvaccinated children and “Nana” to 7 unvaccinated grandchildren. In 2014, Mary was nominated by her children and won a national pageant, being crowned “America’s Outstanding Mom”. She has been in the natural healthcare field for almost 40 years and successfully helped launch 5 chiropractic-integrative health clinics from 1980-2015 where she worked as clinic manager. Mary also co-hosted 5 physician training conferences with her daughter Dr. Renee Hunter called BioNutritional Care, with a focus on recovering vaccine and environmentally injured children. She was a radio host for 5 years and is often interviewed on radio/television, and she has published in many journals representing parents who believe that vaccines are neither safe nor effective (FOX 2 NEWS, “Let it Rip” and more). Mary is producer of a 2-part DVD called “Are Vaccines Safe?” that’s been viewed world-wide and in 2017 released a 6-part DVD series called “Vaccine Risks, Responsibility and Rights”, available on her website at www.childhoodshots.com. In 2016 she married Dr. Kent Hovind, a world-known evangelist defending Biblical Creation. Together, they are sought after speakers and are passionate about changing the world for the Glory of God.