Montgomery Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama

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Montgomery, Alabama


Mary Tocco-Hovind
(Independent Vaccine Investigator & Natural Health Advocate/Expert)-Website
Sherrie Saunders
(Military Whistleblower/Vaxxed and Civil Rights Activist)
August Owens
(A mother with a personal story regarding the loss of her child after vaccination)-Website
Holley Wages
(CMFH Alabama Team Leader/Coordinator and a mother with a personal story regarding her vaccine-injured child)
Sterling Hill
(CEO/Founder of MTHFR Support & Expert on Environmental Toxins/DNA)-Website
Dr. Gaie Feuerstein
(Doctor of Chiropractic & Health/Wellness Expert, owner of Olena Wellness)-Website


Jared Rowell
AOK ft. Bama Boy Buck
(Christian Rap Artists)
Holley Wages
(Spoken Word)


Michael Crocker



Hampton Inn (South-near airport)
Montgomery Inn & Suites
*there are several options available in this area*


Location & Directions:

Alabama State Capitol Building 600 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States


For Alabama, the Children’s March for Humanity Rally will be held in Montgomery on June 17 at the State Capitol Building (600 Dexter Ave. Montgomery 36104). The rally starts promptly at 10am; please arrive early so you can sign-in and receive your free raffle ticket and goody bag (the first 100 families will receive a goody bag; limit 1 per family). The main topic of discussion will be the many factors that are contributing to the current health crisis the children of this nation are facing, as well as solutions and treatments. We will have four expert speakers: Mary Tocco-Hovind, Sherrie Saunders, Sterling Hill, and Gaie Feuerstein. We will also have personal stories from August Owens and Holley Wages. There will be performances by two musicians/singers/rappers and a Spoken Word performance. During the speaking, there will be activities for the children including face painting, seed planting, coloring, playdough, bubble play, and book-reading. Our sponsors will have informational tables set up to represent their products and answer any questions you may have. There will be a raffle giveaway that concludes the event. This is a family-friendly rally. We encourage children to dress up as professionals (what they want to be when they grow up) so we can showcase them as our future, creating an urgency to find solutions and make changes. Please bring your own snacks/lunch and drinks.  Also, to show your support, you can order CMFH wristbands for $6 online.

***We hope to see you there! Let’s come together to “Save Our Future!”***

For more details visit the Montgomery, Alabama Facebook Event Page

Montgomery Schedule

09:45-10:00am          Sign-In/Raffle Tickets (goody bags for first 100 families; 1 per family)

10:00-10:05am                                          Welcome; Jared Rowell performs “National Anthem”

10:05-10:15am                                                Intro (CMFH Mission/Purpose); dismiss children

<speaking will take place from 10:15am-12:25pm; the children will do activities during this time>

10:15-10:40am                         Introduction…Expert Speaker:  Mary Tocco-Hovind (20 mins)

10:40-11:05am                              Introduction…Expert Speaker:  Sherrie Saunders (20 mins)

11:05-11:20am                                    Introduction…Personal Story:  August Owens (10 mins)

11:20-11:35am                                     Introduction…Personal Story:  Holley Wages (10 mins)

11:35-12:00pm                                       Introduction…Expert Speaker:  Sterling Hill (20 mins)

12.00-12:25pm                               Introduction…Expert Speaker:  Gaie Feuerstein (20 mins)

<the children will be returned to their parents at this point>

12:25-12:35pm            Memorial Recognition; Jared Rowell performs “I’ve Got This Hope”

12:35-12:40pm                            Holley Wages performs a Spoken Word titled “The Calling”

12:40-12:45pm                                                                   Showcase the children; Call-To-Action

12:45-12:50pm                                                        AOK performs “Journey” ft. Bama Boy Buck

12:50-12:55pm                                                                                                        Raffle Giveaway

12:55-1:00pm                                                                                               Conclusion & Dismissal

*times may vary slightly*


  ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN <<10:15am-12:25pm>>
Seed-planting at table on top level of steps
Face-painting at table on top level of steps
Coloring Page on terrace/top level of steps
Book-reading on terrace/top level of steps
Bubble-play on terrace/top level of steps
Playdough on terrace/top level of steps

<children will be returned to their parents/guardians once the last speaker is finished>