Portland, Oregon

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We are constantly updating our list of speakers as more and more activists, medical professionals, legal council, authors and politicians become involved.
Current list of speakers for Portland, Oregon

Tamara Rubin, (Director at MisLEAD)

Karen Kain  (mother of vaccine injured child)

Carissa Berg Bonham (Creative Green Living)

Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D  (Writer and science journalist)

Dr. Paul Thomas    (Pediatrician and co-founder of Physicians for Informed Consent)

Bob Snee, J.D.  (co-Chair of Oregonians for Medical Freedom)

Polly Tommey  (producer of “Vaxxed”)



More Information Coming Soon…

Portland, Oregon

Children’s March For Humanity



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Holladay Park, N.E. Holladay St. and N.E. 11th Ave. (just south of Lloyd Center) Portland, Oregon,