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I was on the fence about vaccines. My pediatrician talked me into vaccinating anyway.  She promised me it was absolutely the best decision to make for my baby. After her two month vaccines, she became extremely fussy.  Nothing would calm her and she would scream… not cry… SCREAM for hours on end.  I was told it was colic and it would pass on its own.  It finally started to let up a bit.  Then it was time for her 4 month shots.  She had a fever at first, but I was assured it was safe to vaccinate.  I was sent home with a prescription for Tylenol.  She was sluggish and tired all day, and became very fussy again that night.  Her fever worsened.  I took her to the ER and they said she was fine and sent me home.  2 days later, while I was at work, my daughter stopped breathing and had a cardiac arrest while napping at the babysitter’s house.  She was revived en route to the hospital.  She was stable for 36 hours.  Then the seizures started.  I knew it was vaccines, but I was told, “no way”.  Test after test, looking for a “cause” for her seizures, and no answers were found.  I finally got a doctor to say she could not confirm nor deny vaccines, that it was “possible, but highly unlikely.”  I feel betrayed by the very people who are supposed to have our children’s best interest in mind. I now know that her “colic” at 2 months was really encephalitic screaming.  Her brain was swelling and it caused her pain.  And 2 months later, the next round of shots almost killed her.  No more vaccinations for my family… EVER.