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Sherrie Saunders

Posted on Posted in Montgomery Alabama

Sherrie Saunders, is a Civil Rights Leader from Birmingham Alabama.
In May 2000 she was Honorably Discharged after 8 years of Military Service,. As a Army Combat Medic with the 75th Combat Support Hospital. While Working in Civil Rights as a Activist, she has served as a Federal Whistleblower Witness in Two Federal Civil Rights lawsuits over Workplace Discrimination through 2001-2006. In 2011,. She Graduated from Huntsville Hospital Corporate University Management Leadership Program working there from 2008-2013. Currently,. Mrs. Saunders works for the State of Alabama Military Department and Leads Activism in DHR/CPS Corruption, and Vaccine Awareness. She Is also Heavily involved with Cannabis and Psilocybin mushroom research through her Native American Church “ONAC of Inner Light” of Warrior Al,. In Collaboration with UAB University.
Sherrie Saunders is also known as the #VAXXED Military Whistleblower.