Cities and Speakers

Washington, D.C. – Montgomery, Alabama –
Fairbanks, Alaska – Phoenix, Arizona – Oakland, California – Santa Monica, California – Denver, Colorado – Tampa, Florida – Atlanta, Georgia – Boise, Idaho – Chicago, Illinois – Indianapolis, Indiana – Ann Arbor, Michigan – Lewiston/Auburn, Maine – St. Louis, Missouri – Greensboro, North Carolina – Omaha, Nebraska – Reno, Nevada – Portland, Oregon – Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania – Columbia, South Carolina – Beaumont, Texas – Dallas, Texas – Spokane, Washington

Washington D.C.

Britney Valas (mom of 5 & host of the CMFH)
Del Bigtree (Producer of Vaxxed)
Mark Blaxill (Age of Autism)
Dr. Stephanie Reid (Your Healing Place)
Alan Phillips, J.D. (Attorney and Counselor at Law: Vaccine Rights)
Dette Avalon (Avalon Health & Wellness)
Sheila Lewis Ealey (VAXXED)
Dr. Shannon Kroner (Educational Therapist & CA Activist)
Michelle Rowton (Nurses Against Mandated Vaccines)
Joshua Coleman (Vaxxed Tour Field Producer, Cameraman and Editor)
Wanda Hughes (Healthcare Consulting)
Christina Hildebrand (A Voice For Choice)Website
Kierre Bjorn (Gospel Singer)
Dr. Debra Gambell(Autism, ADHD, sensory disorders, food sensitivities and other chronic diseases of children caused by environmental triggers)
Cindy Walsh (Activist, Author, “Breaking The Autism Code”, Founder of breakingtheautismcode.com)
Prof. William Wagner (President Salt & Light Global, www.SLGwitness.com)
Dr. Stephen Frantz(Pathobiologist/Environmental Consultant; Glyphosate)
Jonathan Mirin(Electricity & Health)

Montgomery, Alabama

Mary Tocco-Hovind(Independent Vaccine Investigator & Natural Health Advocate/Expert)-Website
August Owens(A mother with a personal story regarding the loss of her child after vaccination)-Website
Sherrie Saunders(Vaxxed, Military Whistleblower/Civil Rights Activist)
Holley Wages(CMFH Alabama Team Leader/Coordinator and a mother with a personal story regarding her vaccine-injured child)
Sterling Hill(CEO/Founder of MTHFR Support & Expert on Environmental Toxins/DNA)-Website
Bert Trotman(A man with a personal story regarding natural treatment/healing)
Dr. Gaie Feuerstein(Doctor of Chiropractic & Health/Wellness Expert, owner of Olena Wellness)-Website
Jared Rowell(Singer/Musician)
AOK ft. Bama Boy Buck(Christian Rap Artist)
Michael Crocker(Videography)

Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Jack Wolfson, D.O. (Board-Certified Cardiologist; Author of “The Paleo Cardiologist” and “The Natural Way to Heart Health”)Website
Dr. Heather Wolfson, D.C. (Chiropractic Physician)Website
Dr. Tuzzolino (Pediatric/Family Chiropractor at Elevate Chiropractic)
Rebecca Crane (Team Leader/Mother of a vaccine-injured child)
Shaunah Hardy (Co-Leader/Mother of an autistic child)
Dr. Tracy Magerus (Naturopath)
Eva Savageau (Neuro-muscular Therapist/mother of vaccine-injured child)
Vonda Ann Chisolm; (CBD Educator)
Dr. Nicole Ioli; (Chiropractor)
Sara Korzenwiewski, RD; (Natural Grocers)

Oakland, California

Judy Mikovits, PhD (Biochemist and Molecular Biologist)Website
Dr. Tony Jackson, PhD (Clinical Psychologist and co-director of PranaMind)Website
Nori Hudson, NC (Nutritional Education and Consulting)Website
Karma Smart(Dance, Gymnastics Instructor and Mother)Website
Kent Heckenlively, JD (science teacher, an attorney, a founding editor of Age of Autism, author of Inoculated, co-author of Plague) Website
Denise Aguilar (Mother, Activist, Readiness For Success)
Justina Nazario-Johnson (Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor and Sattva Yoga Teacher) Website
Dr. Aaron Rosselle (Traumatic injury and sports injury rehabilitation, nutrition, pregnancy and birth and the chiropractic techniques – Network Spinal Analysis, Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique) Website
Janine DeRose (Mother, Activist, Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity, California State Senate Candidate)
Gabriel Silva (Father, Activist, Lobbyist for Empower Families California) Website

Santa Monica, California

Larry Cook to Interview Families
Brittney Kara (Author/Activist/Health and Freedom Coach)
Wendy Silvers (Million Mamas Movement)-Website
Travis Middleton(Legal Expert)
Kiko J. Ellsworth (Father, Author, Emmy Award Winning Artist and Founder of “The ZenPowerment Way” Training Program)

Denver, Colorado

Dr. Patti Spelman Gonzalez, DC-Website
Dr. Steven Rondeau, ND (Author)-Website
Tami Canal (Activist, Founder – March Against Monsanto)-Website
Susie Overmyer (Homeopath and Nutritional Consultant)-Website
Missy Frazier-(Winefeldt, Board Member – Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice)-Website
Jodi Parker, BA, CDM, CSP, (Speaking on EMF/Radiation issues)-Website
Tyler Dahm (HHP, MDC – TACA, Talk About Curing Autism)-Website
Yael Cohen (MA, Author, Special Education Advocate, Get IEP Help)-Website
Tabatha Hargis, BA. LMT (Certified Health Coach)-Website

Boise, Idaho

Chelsi Goddard (Health Freedom Idaho)
Lucas Baumbach Website
Dr Rosie Main Website
Governor elect Russ FulcherWebsite
Miste Karlfeldt, Executive Director of Website
Marti Hinckley (Million Mom Movement)
Julie True (Health Freedom Idaho)

Chicago, Illinois

Nicole Moneer (Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Mom)
Dr. Toni Bark (MD, MHEM, LEED, AP  Founder and Medical Director The Center for Disease Prevention & Reversal)
Jessica Zacharias (Founder of Jess Move, Published author and speaker)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Kari Bundy (Vaxxed & Indiana for Medical Freedom) Website
Cody Adkins (The Art of Healing) Website
Heidi Lange Straub (Health in Sight) Website
Melissa Sfrua
Pamela Reilly (Naturopath, Goodwood Wellness Center) Website

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dr. Jeff Senechal, D.C. (Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner)-Website
Dr. Sue McCreadie, M.D. (Holistic Pediatrician)-Website
Jeff Jones (GOP Candidate for U.S. Congress in the MI-CD-12)-Website
Heidi Scheer (International Ambassador and Conference Host for the Autism Hope Alliance)-Website
Thomas and Candice Bradstreet (Brother of the late Dr. Jeff Bradstreet)
Cheryl Geraty (Health and Wellness)
Becky Higginbotham (Personal Story: Vaccine Injury and Healing)-Story
Dr. Christian Bogner (Obstetrician and Gynecologist)-Website
Dr. Tent (D.C., N.D., Ph.D)-Website
Joseph A. Sikora (of TRUTH TRAIN RADIO)

St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. TJ Williams(DC, PhD)Website
Shannon Mette (Health and Nutrition Coach)
Christin Porter (RN, BSN, CNHP, CNC)
Dr. Lenn Wolf (DC)

Omaha Nebraska

Dr Steve Evans

Greensboro, North Carolina

Dr. Cammy Benton, MD (Benton Integrative Medicine)-Website
Dr. Lari Young MD (Thrive Integrated Health)-Website
Simon Strong (father of child who died of cancer at age 12) Website
Sandra Dean (Certified Master Herbalist) Website
Marsha Howe (founder of Sustainable Neighbors in Fayetteville, NC) Website
Cindy Rover (owner of New Pasture Farm) Website
Rochelle Long (parent of vaccine-injured children)

Portland, Oregon

Dr. Paul Thomas, MD (Integrative Pediatrics: “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”)-Website
Bob Snee (Co-Chair of Oregonians for Medical Freedom)-Website
Jennifer Margulis, PhD (Award-Winning Science Journalist, Author “Your Baby, Your Way”, Co-Author of “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”)
Tamara Rubin, (Director at MisLEAD)
Karen Kain  (mother of vaccine injured child)Karen Kain  (mother of vaccine injured child)
Carissa Berg Bonham (Creative Green Living)
Polly Tommey  (producer of “Vaxxed”)
The Vaxxed Bus

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Dr. Bryn Gillow (Life is Good Chiropractic) Website
Aly Shik (Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki, Access BARS practitioner and Empowerment Business Coach) Website
Paul Wesley (Journalist, March Against Monsanto Philadelphia Host) Website
Crystal Hunsicker (Founder & Co-Director, Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance) Website
John Drury ( AKA Big John, The Dancing Trucker) Website
Beth Raiola, MS, LBS, BCBA (Owner-Director of ABA Therapy Services, LLC) Website
Mike Folmer(Pennsylvania Senator) Website
Marta Smiertelny (AromaTouch Therapist, Mother and Advocate)
Kathleen Dickson (Former Pfizer Analytical Chemist) Website
Brianna Williams (Host, Pocono Doula, Mother and Informed Consent Advocate) website

Columbia, South Carolina

Jennifer Holdridge Black (Co-Founder of the South Carolina Health Coalition)-Website
Victor Kocher (Chairman, SC Libertarian Party)
Kim Spencer (Director of Advocacy and Outreach, World Mercury Project)-Website
David Young(Owner, Leesville Aquaponics)
Dr. Max Collins(Chiropractor, Lifelong Healing and Wellness Center)-Website
Kim Shirk, PA-C(Founder, South Carolina Center for Integrative Medicine)-Website
Marcey Zimmerman (Mother and advocate) Sharing her family’s story
Josiah Magnuson(SC Republican Representative)

Dallas, Texas

Dr. Toni Bark
Dr. Jim Meehan
Brandy Vaughan (Learn The Risk)
Shawn Siegel (The Vaccine Myth)
Leslie Duncan (Local Advocate)
Brandy Vaughan (Founder of Learn The Risk and ex Merck Rep.)

Spokane, Washington

Matt Shea (Rep)
Rob Chase (Treasurer)


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