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Washington DC Speakers
We are constantly updating our list of speakers as more and more activists, medical professionals, legal council, authors and politicians become involved.
Current list of speakers for Washington D.C. in order of appearance:

  • Kierre Bjorn (musical guest) View Performance
  • Britney Valas (host) Website
  • Dr. Stephanie Reid (Nutrition) Website
  • Professor William Wagner (Parental Rights) Website
  • Dr. Stephen Frantz (Pathobiologist; Glyphosate) View More 
  • Dr. Debra Gambrell (Pediatric Anesthesiologist) Website
  • Michelle Rowton (Neonatal Nurse Practitioner) Website 
  • Alan Phillips, JD (Attorney at Law; Vaccine Rights) Website
  • Mark Blaxill (Age of Autism) Website 
  • Christina Hildebrand (A Voice For Choice) Website 
  • Dr. Shannon Kroner (Ed. Therapist) Website
  • Cindy Walsh (“Breaking The Autism Code”) Website
  • Joshua Coleman (Vaxxed Tour Field Producer) Interview
  • Del Bigtree (Producer of Vaxxed) HighWire
  • Kierre Bjorn (musical guest)
  • Dette Avalon (Avalon Health and Wellness)
  • Sheila Lewis Ealey (Vaxxed)
  • Wanda Hughes (Healthcare Consulting)


We recommend that you find lodging near the U.S. Capitol and White House. However, hotels in the D.C. area can be pricy and we don’t want you breaking any piggy banks in order to attend. Other less expensive options include areas located along the Blue, Orange and Silver Line Metro lines (Rosslyn, Arlington, Pentagon City, Crystal City, parts of Falls Church and parts of Alexandria).

Blocks of Rooms with Special Rates

Embassy Suites

  • 1300 Jefferson Davis Highway; Arlington, VA
  • Book by May 6
  • $109-$119/night
  • Click Here to Book

Doubletree Hotel

  • 300 Army Navy Drive; Arlington, VA
  • Book by May 6
  • $149/night
  • Call: 1-703-416-3856 and refer to group: Children’s March for Humanity

Washington D.C. Social Media Links

Join Us and Recruit on CMFH Facebook Group
For Up to Minute Details, visit D.C. Facebook Event Page and the main event page to share with your family and friends CLICK HERE

Get Directions

United States Capitol Grounds United States Capitol, FIRST St, Washington, District of Columbia 20004, United States

Children’s March For Humanity Agenda for June 17, 2017 (Washington, D.C.)

Special Info:

  • Goody Bags of info given to first #500 participants
  • May purchase a CMFH Women’s Tank Top at Lincoln Park prior to marching for $17 (only #50 available).  Cannot sell tanks at The Capitol.
  • Bring snacks and lunch.

9:30 am:  Gather at Lincoln Park and Check-In to receive Raffle Ticket

9:50 am:  Kierre Bjorn perform National Anthem

10:00 am: March to the Capitol Building Grounds (see map)

10:30 am: Kid Activities Begin

10:45 am: Kierre Bjorn perform

11:00 am: Speakers Begin

Speaker Lineup:

  • Kierre Bjorn (musical guest)
  • Britney Valas (host)
  • Dr. Stephanie Reid (Nutrition)
  • Professor William Wagner (Parental Rights)
  • Dr. Stephen Frantz (Pathobiologist; Glyphosate)
  • Dr. Debra Gambrell (Pediatric Anesthesiologist)
  • Michelle Rowton (Neonatal Nurse Practitioner)
  • Alan Phillips, JD (Attorney at Law; Vaccine Rights)
  • Mark Blaxill (Age of Autism)
  • Christina Hildebrand (A Voice For Choice)
  • Dr. Shannon Kroner (Ed. Therapist)
  • Cindy Walsh (“Breaking The Autism Code”)
  • Joshua Coleman (Vaxxed Tour Field Producer)
  • Del Bigtree (Producer of Vaxxed)
  • Kierre Bjorn (musical guest)

Raffle upon completion of speakers

Kid Activities (Simultaneously as Speakers to keep kids entertained):

Bring lunch and snacks, labeled with name of child.

Kid Korner Check in:

  • “Kid’s Kroner” is in lefthand section of the green space in front of the reflecting pool while parents are in the middle section listening to speakers. Eyesight distance.
  • Sign in child to “Kid’s Korner” with a parent photo ID
  • Child will receive a name tag, color band and will be assigned to his/her volunteer overseeing a small group of kids with coordinating color bands.
  • Volunteers will oversee kid activities and be assigned to groups of kids to ensure safety.
  • Volunteers will be wearing neon yellow hats for identification as well as name tags.
  • Parents must show photo-ID when signing out children from “Kids Kroner”.

Kid-Activity Stations:

  • Planting a seed
  • Art on a roll
  • Sensory Bins
  • Instruments
  • Card Games
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring
  • Toddler Toys

11:00 am:  Laughing Yoga

11:30 am:  Kid Stations

12:00 pm:  Picnic Lunch (Bring your own lunch and blanket)

12:30 pm:  Zootopia Yoga

1:00 pm:  Stations

1:30 pm:  Reggae Songs

2:00 pm:  Kid Stations

Information Tables:

  • Bemer Group (Carol Wachniak)
  • Health Coach (Rebecca Nenner)
  • Your Healing Place (Dr. Stephanie Reid)
  • Youngevity (Dr. Willie Richardson)
  • Cindy Walsh

Goody Bags including information from the following organizations:

  • Weston A. Price
  • NVIC
  • Moms Across America
  • A Voice For Choice
  • Purium
  • Bemer Group
  • Gift of Genesis
  • Learn The Risk
  • Ph2O
  • Your Healing Place
  • CMFH “Guided Research Workbook Link”


  • “Your Baby, Your Way” by Jennifer Margulis
  • “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” by Paul Thomas, M.D. and Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.
  • “The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care” by Sally Fallon Morell and Thomas S. Cowan, MD (Weston A. Price)
  • “Generation Sick” by Dr. Vic Naumov
  • “Vaxxed” DVD
  • Senator Pan “Liar” Shirts
  • DoTerra Bundle
  • $100 Visa Giftcard
  • 4 Glyphosate Tests from My Labs For Life, LLC (valued at $99 each)




Speakers Dinner

Join us for the “Meet the Speakers Dinner” on Saturday, June 17 at 7:00pm in Washington D.C. after the march.

Enjoy one on one conversation with the speakers from the march all while having dinner.

We will have 2 speakers per table.

Seats are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. We are only selling 50 seats.

Location will be emailed to those with tickets on the week of the event.

All money raised from ticket sales will go directly towards march expenses.

Ticket includes a seat at a table with two speakers and appetizers, dinner and dessert.

Speaker list includes: Del Bigtree, Mark Blaxil, Dr. Stephanie Reid, Alan Phillips, J.D., Dr. Debra Gambrell, Dr. Shannon Kroner, Michelle Rowton, Joshua Coleman, Wanda Hughes, Christina Hildebrand, Cindy Walsh, Dr. Stephen Frantz, and CMFH’s host, Britney Valas.

To order your tickets, please CLICK HERE


Brittany’s Kitchen

Pre-Order Your Gourmet Picnic Lunch for Washington D.C.

Please Note Everything is Organic, Gluten and Soy Free and Non-GMO
Banana Bread Bites $5
6 Chicken Nuggets with Home-Made Honey Mustard $8
3 Pack Cauliflower Everything Rolls with Herbed Cashew Cream Cheese $7
1 Pint Butternut Squash Soup $10
Vegan and Paleo Options